God, as I am stretched and faced with the reality of the call you have on my life, I become fully aware of the wounds and pain that I haven’t properly dealt with. One thing after the other seemingly never ending, are the things that come to the surface that I have held onto much of my life. I can’t bring these things with me to where you are taking me. I have come to see the sturdy foundation you are building in me to carry what you have for me. God I am so happy and full of joy for the work you are doing in me yet it hurts as I feel a ripping out of the things that are not to remain.

God I ask that you grant me the Grace to keep pressing forth. I ask for the Grace to never want to give up and never quit pursuing You. Keep the veil away from the thing that I desire most, your face, your burning eyes of Love for me. I desire nothing else more, and I pray that you would reveal Yourself more and more.

I press forth knowing that no amount of pain is comparable to knowing You. It is well worth it. And I keep pressing forth for the next glimpse of who You are.