This is my first blog post on my new revamped blog website. I had an old wordpress blog website at this same URL and decided to switch it to a better website framework called OctoberCMS. All of my old blog posts from the Wordpress website are in the Archive category. I decided to copy my old blog posts over to the new blog for reference in where I have been. My perspective on things has changed some since writing those blog posts, and I look forward to posting the new things God has shown me.

For those who decide to subscribe to my blog, I write with this disclaimer: I will be posting things that I am externally processing. This means I haven't necessarily fully processed what I am writing out and it may come out a bit raw. This means that it may not be filtered through what some consider to be sound doctrine and some may struggle with some of the ideas. Of course, it is not my intention to ruffle anyone's feathers or to write blasphemous or offensive content. I promise to do my best to at least filter everything through God's Love and Who He is, but cannot guarantee that I will not write about challenging topics.

Thanks everyone for your interest and understanding!