There are times when you feel like you hear something from God but then immediately hear to opposite. This can be quite confusing and even discouraging depending on where you are at the time. A defense mechanism can come up where you initiate this entire thought process to figure out which one was God and which not, or even if you are hearing God at all. This entire thought process creates a condition of continuous chatter in the brain that actually hinders your ability to hear the Lord.

When you find yourself in this predicament, it is best to surrender your need to figure it out at His feet and allow yourself to become still again, waiting on Him to do the speaking and figuring out. This can be uncomfortable at first, especially if you struggle with trusting God to speak to you. I can assure you, if you keep your mind and heart still to focus completely on Him, He will speak. Often times it is with His very quiet still-small voice that is easily missed with the busy mind. Whether quiet or loud, His voice is no less powerful once you grab hold of it. Most of the transformational and significant encounters I have had with Him were as a result of hearing His still-small voice. If you learn to hunger for and cherish His voice above all others (including your own thoughts), you will start hearing Him more and more. When thoughts come to interrupt your time of listening, waiting, hearing, and contemplation, do not beat yourself up, in fact the best thing to do is to dismiss it and move it aside immediately, then immediately focus back on Him. Trying to fight thoughts in your head is in itself a distraction and causes the state of mind you are intending to avoid in the first place, busy-mind/scatter brain.

Look at it this way. "I value God's voice, His thoughts, His emotions, so much more then anything I could ever think or feel, so when it is time to be with Him, nothing is allowed to interrupt or distract." It is like guarding that which is most precious to you. You would do anything to maintain possession of it. It is the same in your alone time with Him. Any thought, no matter how important, entering your mind that distracts or steals your focus or attention, should be considered as a thought that pulls you away from what is most precious to you, intimate time with Him. It is like a thief or robber trying to steal this most precious time from you. Take command immediately and don't allow it. Simply and quickly dismiss the thought. If the distracting thought is important for you to think about it, very very quickly plan another time to think about it, move the thought aside, then immediately focus back on Him. When you give Him 1st priority in your thoughts, in your heart, and in your actions, He begins to prioritize the manifestation of His Presence from the inside out.